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What the Heck is a Secant Line Anyway? My Training/Lifestyle Philosophy (Program Introduction)

"We aim above the mark... to hit the mark."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finally! This is the year, this is the moment, RIGHT NOW, that you've made the too often delayed decision to FINALLY get into better health and better shape.

Initiate Launch Sequence!

But... while we'll be shooting for the stars...

Let's hit the moon, first.

Halfway there.

And before we get halfway there...let's take a moment to appreciate its beauty for a bit from atop that remote, modest looking, grassy knoll over there.

When motivation is high... being a cosmonaut comes quite easily.

But motivation is a waveform, that will display a variety of amplitudes throughout your health and fitness journey. Some days those amplitudes will be super-high, some days they will be super-low.

Most days will nestle somewhere in-between those extreme peaks and valleys.

Most people hope that their travel to the celestial sphere will be a straight path, or even some exponential curve. Most people also know that this is a recipe for disaster, because they often desire to make too many changes to their life, too fast, and burn themselves out.

Old habits and old memes die hard.

Old Me(me)

People forget that while Supernovas are explosive scenes of beauty that are inspiring to witness - they ultimately represent dying heavenly bodies.

But stars do live very long, resplendent lives and so should you. So, instead of mining the final moments of a star's death - we're going to mine the stable balance in chaotic elements of a star's life.

We're not going to worry about direct paths or curves, or even about actually getting there.

The process is the goal.

The process is always the goal.

Because once you do reach your health and fitness goal/s - whether that be to lose weight, gain muscle, get strong, handstand, or some combination of all these things - the only means to maintain those goals is to set new goals.

Set the telescope to new sights at further stars.

At some point, you might tire of stars altogether.

After that, who knows?

In this Training Guide, I have developed models and templates for you to succeed in your Health and Fitness journey; just like function graphs in math and physics can model successful Projectile Motion or Space Launches in our real world.

But you're not just a stone, primed and ready to be to pitched. You're a human being, in a contextual world full of other human beings (some of which you care about, more or less, I presume).

That complicates things.

So, What The Heck is a "Secant Line" Anyway?

A Secant Line is a Slope line that calculates the rate of change between two points on a Curve.

I apologize if this image is triggering to anyone

It's a metaphor for thinking about the process of change.

That's it.

The start and final points on that graph aren't nearly as meaningful as what's happening in-between them.

That's one way I want you to think about getting in better Health and better Shape.

At this moment in journey, your slope should be more positive-oriented and associated with a positive rate of change - after all, you bought this program!

But, that can and will change.

And we don't care nearly about those dips and peaks, as much as we care about the general trend.

We want to see gym breaks, diet breaks, PR misses, cheat meals, enjoying life: all of the failures necessary to succeed at our Health and Fitness goals the first place... mere statistical noise. Meaningless in the grand scheme.

If that trend line/slope is generally positive - we're always on the right track.

My hope is that if you internalize these images and principles of change; you'll realize how they harmonize with the principles of consistency and balance . You'll realize how etched into the universe this harmony is and intrinsically want to align yourself as closely as physically possible to these universal, corporeal truths.

Because you never truly fail anything, until you've given up on that thing, completely.

This training template is designed to introduce you to the world of fitness through rudimentary Strength Training methods in a gym setting. It will focus on Compound/Multi-Joint lifts. I'm a big believer in simplicity when it comes to effective training. There will not be much sexy about this program that will thrill the marketing!

We want to to build a stronger, leaner, more attractive physique, with a focus on sustainability. Remember that getting into better shape just isn't about building a stronger frame - but a healthier mind as well. These two are so strongly interlinked that I don't believe in a "Mind/Body" dichotomy but a singular "MindBody".

Let's strengthen it together.

Consistently, reasonably, and perpetually.


- Kye

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